Avoid Roofing Contracting Scams

Is every Door knocking roofing contractor bad?

Finding the right contractor for your roofing needs can be tough. We have all heard horror stories about a contractor in this and other industries taking deposits or payments upfront and never doing the work. Friends or family who hired a storm chaser after falling victim to a summer monsoon only to be left with a half-done job after signing over the insurance check and the company they hired skips town to chase the next storm. With stories like these out there it really is hard to know who to trust with your roofing needs.

Here at A1 we are passionate about protecting our neighbors and community. Whether you hire us or not what is most important is that your roof repairs are done right. Checking a contractor’s ratings on sites like Yelp, their Google Business profile, and with the Better Business Bureau are all great ways to vet a potential contractor. Additionally, the Arizona Registrar of Contractors website https://roc.az.gov/ can be another excellent resource. Created in 1931, the Arizona Registrar of Contractors licenses construction businesses to enable construction science professionals to legally operate in the State of Arizona.

(Tips and tricks from AZROC)

Recently the AZROC released an article(link below) with tips and tricks on avoiding scams this monsoon season. Though we generally agree with everything in the article there is one particular point we thought we should expand upon. Yes, scammers utilize door-to-door methods. However, this method is common practice in the industry.

Due to the violent nature of Arizona storms roofing services are a highly lucrative business. As a result, there are hundreds of contractors in every part of the state. Since competition is so stiff here in the valley many contractors rely on door-to-door sales as a method of drumming up work. We know of at least one Contractor here in Mesa that grew from a small 3-person operation to an industry powerhouse almost entirely from their door-knocking efforts and following through by providing high-quality work.

Here at A1 roofing Inc. we also rely on these means to stay busy outside of storm season. However, we do not use high-pressure tactics. We believe we can earn a customer’s business by first earning their trust. To do this we make sure our customers are educated from the start as to what we found during the roof assessment, why we are recommending a simple repair or a full roof replacement, we set clear expectations, and we never over-promise. As a reputable roofing contractor here in the Valley here are a few things we do when knocking on doors and in general that set us apart.

  • Clean/professional appearance
  • shirts, Hats, and documents clearly display our logo
  • detailed and up-to-date website
  • Send letters and make calls before knocking on doors
  • AZROC# always clearly displayed
  • Provide all the information to our clients so they can make an informed decision
  • A+ Rated with the better business bureau
  • No high-pressure tactics
  • Follow all commonly accepted industry practices
roofing contractor
(Here is our Senior Project Manager, Jack Always displaying our company logo and a professional appearance) http://aoneroofingaz.com/aboutus

We encourage you to browse the list and read this article before hiring a roofing contractor. If you are experiencing leaks after the most recent monsoon, are concerned you may have storm-related damage, or have not had your roof inspected in the last 6 months give us a call. We would love a chance to earn your business or you can vet other potential contractors via the link below.



We hope you found this information helpful be sure to check back with us every month for new articles and have an A1 day!

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