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With 25+ years of combined experience we have been asked all kinds of questions. Here are some common ones to save you time and bring you some peace of oind.
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 A1 Roofing Inc was stared with a simple idea: Integrity, Quality and Workmanship can lead every roofing project that is completed. With 25 plus years of combined experience in the industry, and a 5 star ratings where it counts, A1 Roofing Inc is Arizona’s Premier Roofing Contractor and is the Roofing company you want on your side.

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Most frequent questions and answers

It is recommended you have your roof inspected once a year. The older your roof and home are, the more important this becomes. The valley is known for its violent storms, following one of these events, or if you see signs of a leak; and or missing shingles or tiles it is prudent to do an additional inspection. Even minor signs can lead to major home repairs,  health hazards for your family, and higher energy bills

Unfortunately in Arizona this can be difficult since we have such long dry weather cycles. Especially here in the Valley but some signs are. 

  1. Musty odors in certain rooms.
  2. Water stains on your ceiling.
  3. Spots on your exterior walls.
  4. Bulging patches on your interior walls.
  5. Missing or warped shingles.

If you see any of these signs. Do not hesitate, give us a call!

If you have reason to suspect an issue like a recent storm or you have not had an inspection in a while. Do not wait until the damage is oblivious. We are always happy to provide peace of mind. In the event no damage is found it is not a waste of time. Our hope is by providing a prompt and honest assessment that we will have earned your business in the future.

This can be hard to tell. Which is why our expert project managers always need to start by performing an inspection. In general many factors come into play for example: the lifespan of the roof is shortened because of damage(wind and hail), the needed materials for repair are no longer available, and the extent of the damage.

Yes. This can be a challenging and frustrating process. As a home owner you are within your rights to do this on your own. However our Project Managers have years of experience working with insurance companies and their adjusters. They are happy to put their training and expertise to work for you. Additionally there are conditions where most policies will cover a replacement and you only pay your deductible. Check out this article for more

If you cannot file a claim or prefer not to A1 roofing has your back. We accept partial and cash payments and have partnered with x to provide amazing financing options. 

At A1 roofing we pride ourselves on our integrity so our project managers are vetted with great care. Additionally in case of insurance jobs before we can contract the work our project managers will meet with your insurance adjuster. If they do not agree with our findings they may recommend a repair. In general, adjusters will only approve payment for a replacement if they feel it is warranted.  

No. However once under contract we can place temporary measures  to protect the home from further damage should there be delays in material availability or scheduling issues. 

No. We are aware metal roofs are a rapidly growing trend due to their longevity but they are a specialty installation and are still currently disapproved by most HOA’s. We do hope and are making strides to expand our services to include this in the very near future. 

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